Frequently Asked Questions - Magazine Publishing Schedule

Saveur magazine adjusted its publishing schedule effective with the February/March 2017 issue. Subscribers will now receive 6 expanded bi-monthly issues per year as part of an annual subscription.

Why are you doing this?
The shift to 6 issues a year allows the editors to develop longer feature articles and more in-depth coverage, while covering more immediate news and features on the magazine's expanded website. Each issue will be bigger and more substantial.

Will subscription expiration dates change?
No, subscription expire months will remain as they are.

Will subscription prices change?
No, subscription prices will remain at their current levels.

How will subscription terms be expressed?
After November 2016, all promotional material and subscription order forms will note that Saveur publishes 6 issues per year.

Can I get a refund if I am unhappy with the new frequency?
Yes, at any time you are entitled to a refund for all unmailed issues on your subscription.